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Pluto (Tjalfe) was born on June 12th 2011 in Denmark, Ærøskøbing. His mother is Tanne (Brosiris Tanne) and father is Hugin (Elmedals Hugin). Pluto has two sisters and seven brothers, most of them live in Denmark. Pluto´s brother Thor and sister Menja lives in Netherlands. Pluto´s brother Holger lives in Copenhagen and his sister Agnes lives with their mother Tanne in Ærøskøbing. Other sibling are Balder, Kanto, Urd and Gjall.

Pluto lives in Helsinki, Finland. Pluto has got a lot of friends, he loves especially other broholmer bitches. Pluto likes to sit in the garden and watch birds. His favourite thing is to run in the ditches and he likes to fetch sticks from water.

Pluto doesn´t mind about the rain or cold, he loves the outdoors, regardless of the weather.

Weight 60 kg
Height 75 cm

Hips B/B
Elbows 0/0

Exterior evaluation XXX+ 16.8.2013  in Broholm/Gudme/Denmark 

Mental test passed 18.8.2013 in Vejen/Denmark

Heart examination 15.3.2016 FREE/healthy

Pluto´s information in Finnish Kennel Club database and in Danish Hundeweb